Puppy Training – Buying a Pet That is Easier to Train

Puppy training can be enjoyable, or it can be frustrating. That depends on the type of dog that you own, and your experience in training your pet. Some breeds are known to be easier to train, while some are notorious as hard-to-train pets. If you have already bought your pet, you have little choice but to learn to train and live with your new pet. But if you haven’t purchased a puppy, don’t go running out just yet to buy a pet. Spend some time to consider your options.

First of all, think about the type of pet that you want to have. This is your dream dog. You haven’t bought a dog yet, so now is the time to dream all you want. For instance, you can dream about having a dog that is medium sized, active but with a stable temperament, and it should also be loyal and protective towards you. Most pet owners would love to own such a pet anyway. So let’s take a look at some options.

Bulldog puppies.

Bulldogs make excellent pets. Most people judge this animal by its fierce appearance. But the bulldog isn’t an aggressive creature at all. Yes, it can grow aggressive if it feels that its owner is being threatened. But in most situations, it is a sweet nature animal and can get along with almost anyone. And because it has stable emotions, and is not overly active, it is also very easy to train.

Don’t mistake a bulldog that lies around on the couch to be a lazy animal. It just loves leisure. When it’s play time, watch the bulldog go! For sure, it’s not a lazy animal. After a few weeks, with enough training, it can become a very obedient dog, and the perfect companion for the dog owner. But if you want a more athletic dog, perhaps the boxer is a better choice.

Boxer puppies.

Boxers are better looking than bulldogs (that is subjective of course). They are fairly active, and can be great fun to have around. They do not have an aggressive nature, and can be trusted with young children. This animal is endowed with heightened senses, which makes it ideal for performing various practical functions such as search and rescue. The police and military knows how to make full use of the boxer’s senses to help them with their work. But for the average pet owner, know that a boxer can be easily trained to become a guard dog.

The above examples point to animals with a sweet nature, and a moderate amount of energy. For dogs with a higher energy level, they can be harder to train as they are always on the move! It is more difficult to get them to listen to verbal commands, and to gain control. Puppies with a more aggressive nature (such as terriers) also tend to wrestle for control. In other words, they want to be leader of the pack. Sometimes, it’s a little funny to watch these animals, for they just have to look into the mirror to notice how tiny they are!