Puppy Potty Training Problems

The most common issues associated with puppies are that of potty training. Younger dogs take time in learning about where and when to eliminate. It is therefore, important to understand the behavior of dogs and train them accordingly. The puppy house training tips provided in the paragraphs below, would help to get rid of these problems.

Problems with Puppy Potty Training

The main problem related to eliminating problems in dogs is the lack of proper puppy potty training techniques being used. Puppies need to be trained in such a manner, that they learn quickly from mistakes. Too much of punishment in case of eliminating in house won’t work. The owners should first know that dogs do not differentiate between indoors and outdoors to do the act of pooping/elimination. Lack of understanding thus, leads to puppy potty training problems. A structured puppy potty training schedule and patience on the part of dog owner are the key points to be remembered. The right puppy potty training age is 7-8 weeks.

Submissive Urinating

The problem of submissive urinating in dogs is generally seen when they get excited or greet people. It could also show up when the owner is upset with the dog behavior. Submissive urinating in dogs needs to be dealt with patiently. The owner should develop a bond of trust with his pet dog and first of all train it for potty. Punishing is the worst thing to do in case of submissive urination.

Scent Marking Problem

The male dogs like to mark their territories and it could become a major hurdle in training puppies for potty. Dogs have a general tendency to stay in their territories. They may feel threatened to go out of their marked area and could develop a feeling of insecurity. Thus, it creates problems in potty training. In such cases, it is recommended to neuter the dog and teach it to eliminate on command. Catching the dog in the act of eliminating is important to teach it the rule of pooping outdoors. Catching the dog doesn’t mean that one should punish it.

Puppy Potty Training Pads

The pads used for potty training are also a good option for puppies. The puppies should be taught to eliminate on pads by means of command training. One should keep a watch on the frequency and timings of eliminating. It would help in deciding about the potty training schedule. Once the puppies learn that pads are only place where they have to poop, it doesn’t create problems for the owners.

Puppy Crate Training

Crate training a puppy is advantageous from the point of teaching dogs to eliminate in a disciplined manner. Crate training helps the dog to understand that a certain schedule has to be followed. It helps them understand that staying in a confined place for a certain period of time is necessary. Unnecessary barking, which is used as a tool/method to attract attention by dogs, should initially be ignored. As the dog learns to obey the commands related to potty training, it should be allowed to spend time outside the crate. The whole process helps in making the dog disciplined.

Puppy Potty Training: How Long Does it Take

The training for potty takes around 3-5 weeks depending on the patience of the owner and the right techniques being used. The questions about puppy potty training, how long does it take, etc. don’t matter much if puppies are trained in the right manner.

The different puppy potty training problems could be the submissive urinating behavior, scent marking, feeling of insecurity in dogs, etc. Along with these problems, the information about puppy potty training, how long does it take to complete the dog training and many such facts are presented in the article above. The information provided would thus, help dog owners in training their pets properly.