Private Pilot Training Requirements

In generatl, most people don’t understand thePrivate Pilot needed to complete their Private Pilot Training. There are a lot of subject areas both on the ground and in the airplane you will need to cover to meet the requirements for your private pilot training. Many people don’t completely understand the Private Pilot License requirements needed and just look at the Private Pilot Training general requirements.

There are many requirements needed in order to complete each phase of your Private Pilot Training. You will have three phase of your training: Pre solo, Post solo and flight test preparation.

In most cases you will find something like this outline of the general requirements. These are the requirements listed under the general section of the regulations for you to be eligible to take the private pilot practical test.

40 Hours Total

20 Hours Dual Instruction

10 Hours Solo

Now in other places you may see some added information

3 Hours Instrument

3 Hours Night

5 Hours Solo Cross Country

Now you want to remember this is just the general requirement. The ground instruction and student pilot requirments are not included in this requirement. I have listed below the other requirements needed to complete your Private Pilot Training.

Student Pilot Requirements: When you are ready to solo an aircraft you are know as a student pilot. There are two sections of requirements that will apply to you. The pre solo requirements are the first to look at. As a student pilot, there are pre solo requirements needed before you can go up in the plane by yourself. There is also an aeronautical knowledge requirement for student pilots before they solo.

The next section of requirements that will apply to student pilots are the post solo requirements. These are the requirements that have to be met before you can go on your solo cross countries.

Flight Test requirements: In order to be eligible for the private pilot practical test you must meet the final requirements. At this point in time you will have to meet the general requirements for the private pilot license as well as all the student pilot requirements. These requirements include both aeronautical knowledge and aeronautical experience. That is ground instruction and flight instruction.

Many times the student doesn’t realize what is exactly required, this can add up to more flights if something is missed by the flight instructor. The worst case scenario is this is picked up by the pilot examiner on flight test day. So you want to understand that there are more requirements than just the general aeronautical experience requirements needed for the flight test.

The reason I always explain this is so the student can get an idea of what is required to do at each stage of your training and then what is required for you to take your flight test. Before you start spending any money, you will want to plan the private pilot license process out.

Detailed Pivate Pilot Requirements

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