Powerful New Algorithm Streamlines Grad School Search

Lawrenceville, NJ (Vocus) September 17, 2009

When prospective graduate students log on to Petersons.com today in search of a master's or doctoral degree, they will be able to use a powerful new search algorithm to find a graduate school or program more efficiently than ever before. The significance of the new technology lies in its ability to deliver the most relevant and accurate search results based on a few keywords entered by users.

“When students seek graduate school information online, major search engines often return long lists of irrelevant results simply because they index massive amounts of data, much of which is unrelated to higher education,” said Chad Billmyer, managing director of recruitment services at Peterson's, a leading education planning company. “Peterson's saw an opportunity to leverage its comprehensive graduate school database of accredited graduate programs to power a search engine that allows prospective graduate students to easily identify niche programs that match their academic passions.”

Students Find Best Graduate School Fit

Today's students expect to be able to query exactly what they're looking for and receive search results that are personalized and very targeted to meet their specific criteria. For example, if you are a prospective graduate student looking for a bioinformatics program on the West Coast near a great surfing locale, you want a graduate school search that will find a program that meets all of those requirements.

Until now searching across multiple search criteria for a graduate school on a single Web site with a one-step process that produced quality results was not an option. But lucky for students who are starting their grad search this September, Peterson's now offers a graduate school search engine that lets students search all their requirements in a simple query string. This is possible because the new graduate school search engine is based on natural language queries, much like the way Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others operate. This means students can include the most important aspects of what they're looking for to see results that perfectly match their needs.

Graduate Schools Find Best Student Fit

On the other side of the search are graduate schools that are looking for students who are the right fit for their program and are most likely to persist and succeed with their studies. To maximize the value of Peterson's new technology, schools can deploy Web-optimized text descriptions that include the most unique aspects of their programs and the key benefits they offer to prospective students. With the proper Web-optimized description, a graduate program in California offering a multidisciplinary bioinformatics program with cutting-edge research close to prime surfing conditions will now be among the first search results for the student who used Peterson's search engine to find schools that meet some or all of the above attributes.

To experience Peterson's new grad school search, visit Petersons.com

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