Pet First-Aid and CPR Integrated into Animal Behavior College's Curricula

Santa Clarita, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2013

Animal Behavior College (ABC) has added Pet First-Aid and CPR instruction and certification into its curricula. New students enrolled as of November 1, 2013, in any of ABC’s three programs—Dog Obedience (DOP), Veterinary Assistant (VAP) and Grooming Instructor (GIP)—are required to complete the online certification before their final exam. Pet First-Aid and CPR Certification gives students the knowledge needed to provide immediate care to a dog or cat who is sick or has an injury.

The Pet First-Aid and CPR Certification covers an array of pet emergency-care-related information, including: assessing pets’ health and checking their vitals, recognizing basic signs of illness or injury, and transporting and carrying an injured animal. This information enables students to improve an injured or ailing animal’s comfort, lower the risk of possible infection and prevent further trauma before professional medical attention is received.

“Safety is always a primary concern for any pet professional,” said Debbie Kendrick, vice president of ABC. “We believe it is our responsibility as a school to give every student we work with the tools necessary to provide a safe environment for all the animals they will be helping throughout their career.”

The Pet First-Aid and CPR Certification is also available for all current ABC students (enrolled prior to November 1, 2013). They can access the instruction and certification test via the online student center. Students can expect to complete the certification within 5 to 6 hours. The certification is valid for 2 years and can be renewed.

Animal Behavior College, founded in 1998, is a vocational school that specializes in animal-related career training. The school’s unique structure incorporates a distance-learning and hands-on externship-training model. ABC offers programs for certified dog training, pet grooming and veterinary assistants in all 50 states and in the western Canadian provinces, making it the largest vocational school of its kind in North America. For more information, visit our website at or call 886-507-9874.

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