Personal Training/Outdoor Fitness – Learn To Be a Trainer

There is no better time than this to be a fitness trainer because of the interest that people are showing in improving their health and their appearance. The lack of exercise combined with easy availability of rich food has caused certain countries to be affected with an obesity epidemic. People all over the world are realizing the importance of staying fit and they are willing to pay good money to a fitness trainer who can help them get into shape. However, there are many fitness trainers offering their service which makes it important for them to offer something unique that can really grab the attention of potential customers. If you are planning to be a fitness trainer then you should consider offering personal training / outdoor fitness.

Most people who have tried to get fit have at least one experience of a gym. If this experience has been a negative one then it is unlikely that they will come back for more. In fact, the biggest complaint of people who have difficulty losing weight is that they hate to exercise in a gym and are looking for a better option. The other common complaint of using a gym is that one invariably has to wait for a specific machine because there is someone else working on it. This makes them work on a machine they do not like or it wastes a lot of their time. There is a large population of people sharing these complaints which creates a lot of potential for you. You could offer them personal training / outdoor fitness as an attractive alternative to being in a boring gym.

There is great demand for personal training / outdoor fitness because it takes place right in the open air amidst greenery. People prefer working out in the open with a trainer because there is no question of breathing in stale air or using equipment that has been made sweaty by someone else. There is a special pleasure to be had from exercising out in the open under the blue skies and people are willing to pay a premium for this. They also get better attention from the trainer because the classes are usually individual or a very small group at the very least.

This could be a very lucrative business for you because you will not have to invest any money in equipment. Getting trained to become a personal training / outdoor fitness instructor will include learning exercises that can be done on existing infrastructure such as swing sets, bleachers, stairs, steps, monkey bars and open spaces. You will not even have to spend money on renting an establishment. You can choose to have a single client at a time or a small group, with the price being fixed accordingly so that you are amply rewarded for your time. The best thing about this business is that you are the complete master of your time and effort since there is no question of you sharing your profit with a partner.