Personal Training Franchise Fitness Revolution Benefits from Competitor's Promotion

Elizabethtown, KY (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

Fitness Revolution, already the fastest growing personal training franchise in the world today, is benefiting from a competitor's marketing campaign.

Recently big box health club chain 24 Hour Fitness launched a marketing campaign encouraging people to “Join the Fitness Revolution,” inadvertently driving some prospective members to Fitness Revolution locations.

The personal training franchise chain, while surprised by this turn of events, was grateful none the less. “While we are a fast growing franchise, help in marketing is always appreciated, even if it's accidental,” said Fitness Revolution co-owner Nick Berry.

Fitness Revolution has positioned itself as a new model for personal training businesses that stands opposed to the traditionally inefficient health club and one-on-one training models prevalent in the United States.

Instead, Fitness Revolution provides clients with an international network of like-minded fitness entrepreneurs, Award winning coaching and support, an internal and external marketing program, and an operational system that supports organizational freedom.

“At first we were surprised by their marketing campaign as there is nothing really 'Revolutionary' about renting people access to a big building full of shiny equipment. That's been going on for decades with less than desirable results for the fitness consumer. But ultimately we found a bit of humor in it when we recognized that it was actually helping create awareness of what separates Fitness Revolution from our competitors,” said Pat Rigsby, Berry's partner and Co-Owner of the franchise.

“There is no doubt that obesity and lack of physical fitness are problems currently faced across the country,” said Rigsby. “Fitness Revolution wants to make the difference that big box health clubs have failed to by providing enthusiastic fitness professionals the tools to make a difference in their communities, wherever they may be.”

To this end, Fitness Revolution continually seeks out dedicated trainers to run its franchises. They put on live events and provide franchisees with the tools to grow their business and meet clients’ individual needs; needs like overcoming obesity.

About Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry: Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry are the co-owners of Fitness Consulting Group, a leading business development consulting firm within the fitness industry.

Fitness Revolution is a member of the Fitness Consulting Group family of companies. Fitness Revolution focuses on providing clients with the best fitness coaching available today, using a training staff made up of nationally certified fitness professionals.

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