personal training career?

I am studying to be a certified personal trainer through ACE. Once I am done where is a good place to start? I dont want to work in a big commercial gym.

Personal training is a career most large gyms, i.e., LA Fitness, Bally's, Gold's, etc. don't require much training at all, if any. The large commercial gyms will allow a trainee to work under a more experienced trainer for a period then “turn them lose”. In most cases, the main objective is bring in clients for the money.

You are entering an area of employment where numbers of clients and dollars spent is the main goal for these larger gym chains. Often you have someone that just works out instructing clients on proper usage of equipment. The client has a time and place to be, therefore, they hope to meet their goals, i.e., weight lose, toning, etc. Although you do not want to work for a large chain this will be your best place to get and maintain the most clients. You will excell over most other trainers due to the ACE training and clients will recognize your superior expertise.

As you build the confidence of clients you can begin offering your services outside the gym, i.e., home, work, etc. There are also many smaller gyms that look for your expertise as well.