Paying For Medical School With Military Scholarships

The military has a modern tradition of paying for many different types of postsecondary and graduate-level education programs for individuals who are willing to serve in the armed forces after graduation. Medical professionals are needed in the different branches of the service as much as they are needed throughout the country. The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) provides military scholarships to individuals who are interested in joining the Army, Navy or Air Force after graduating from school. The program has many benefits and also has many eligibility requirements.

HPSP Program Overview

The HPSP is a program that is offered by the Navy, Army and Air Force. It offers to pay for 100 percent of the cost of tuition for students who are pursuing a professional degree as a doctor, a specialist, a nurse or a variety of other medical occupations including psychiatrist. The program will also cover the cost of books and other related expenses. In addition, each qualified individual is given a monthly stipend that totals just under $2,000 for ten months out of the year to cover other expenses such as food, clothing and housing. The program will cover any number of years of study as long as each year is attended as a full-time student and is focused on medicine.

Requirements For The Scholarship

Individuals who apply for HPSP military scholarships must meet a number of requirements. The applicant must already have a bachelor degree that can be used towards a graduate-level medical school education. This person must also be enrolled in a graduate program. It is important that the applicant be a full-time student since part-time students are not covered. Both the post-secondary and graduate schools must be nationally accredited. Additionally, the student needs to have the physical and personal qualifications that are necessary in order to join the branch of the military that is sponsoring the scholarship. People who are going to enter the Army must also qualify to be an officer candidate.

During School And After Graduation

Each student must serve one year of active military duty for each year of education that is paid for. The minimum amount is three years even if the graduate program only lasted for two. While attending the college or university the student is bound to serve 45 days of active duty each year. Individuals who complete schooling will enter the armed forces as a commissioned officer. There is no requirement to continue serving in the armed forces once the number of committed years has been completed.