Paul Mckenna – Who Is He Really?

The world famous hypnotist Paul McKenna was born in Middlesex, United Kingdom on November the 6th 1963. Since then he has become a best selling author and one of England’s most famous sons.

It was a television show called “The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna” that introduced Paul McKenna to the world. In this hypnotic series Paul McKenna would ask for volunteers from the television audience to agree to be hypnotized usually with hilarious results. Paul McKenna would enlist the help of famous people to create storylines for the hypnotized people to interact with.

These days Paul McKenna is better known for his books, videos and audio recordings. He has also been involved in many Paul McKenna televised productions ranging from the Paul McKenna showcase “I Can Change Your Life” to “I Can Make You Thin”. In the latter program Paul McKenna used the British television audience as test cases in his revolutionary weight loss system.

At the present time Paul McKenna can be found touring with his hypnotic show or giving lectures on NLP and hypnosis or his weight-loss system.

Paul McKenna was 16 when he started his career working as a DJ in a retail store. Within 7 years he had progressed to DJing on local radio and his future looked bright.

During this time Paul McKenna invited a hypnotist as a guest on his radio show. After the hypnotist relaxed Paul McKenna and showed him the benefits of a hypnotic state he couldn’t wait to try it again. Thus began the life long fascination with hypnosis for Paul McKenna.

Soon Paul McKenna had progressed to using his newly acquired hypnotic skills to entertain in pubs and clubs. Having a natural aptitude for hypnosis Paul McKenna found himself with requests for hypnotherapy sessions on a one-on-one basis.

During this time Paul McKenna found employment with the biggest radio station in Britain by getting a spot on Radio One as his DJ skills were becoming more recognised. However, Paul McKenna wanted to pursue hypnosis and didn’t stay long.

This was a wise choice for McKenna because in 1993 the British channel ITV aired his first hypnotic show which became so popular it was seen in 42 countries.

Even though Paul McKenna was fast becoming the most popular hypnotic entertainer of his era he still had a passion for self improvement. After studying neuro-linguistic programming with its co-founder Richard Bandler he released products under the name McKenna Breen Ltd with Michael Breen who was a nlp expert. Since this time he has released many books, tapes, cds and courses as well as making several television series.

Paul McKenna sued the UK tabloid, the Daily Mirror, in 2006 after it claimed he obtained a bogus degree in order to defraud the British public and was awarded damages.

The PhD in question was awarded by LaSalle University (Louisiana) after Paul McKenna spent 2 years studying and produced a 50,000 word thesis. Little did Paul McKenna, or any of the students, know that the university was not accredited and they all received compensation from the United States Government.

In addition to McKenna being an unknowing participant in the La Salle saga the daily Mirror did not point out that he had already attained another United Kingdom accredited doctorate in 2004 for the work carried out on “The Effects of Fixed Action Patterns and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Determining Outcomes in Human Behaviour”!