P90X2 Vs. P90X Workout Program – Key Differences

P90X2 includes some of the exercise routines from P90X but is much more intense in scope. It’s designed for people who want to get in amazing shape in just 90 days and includes a combination of functional training, strength training and plyometric exercises. The program does have some similarities to P90X but also includes exercises and sequences that aren’t present in any other Beachbody workouts. Use the following guide to help you understand the key differences of P90X vs. P90X2:


Key Differences Between P90X2 and P90X

The P90X workout program was released in 2004 and continues to be one of Beachbody’s most popular home fitness programs. P90X2 will be released in December 2011 and is currently available for pre-order. Some of the key differences between the P90X workout program and P90X2 include:

– Addition of post-activation potentiation (P.A.P) training. The P90X2 workout program includes two DVDs that are focused on P.A.P. training for the upper and lower body. This type of training combines intense strength training exercises with plyometrics so you are using more force when performing each sequence.

– Rotation of workouts in three distinct phases. You’ll be working through a Foundation Phase, Strength Phase and Performance Phase in the P90X2 workout program. Each phase lasts between three to six weeks and will take you through various combinations of workouts in the 12 DVD set. Phase 2 is where you’ll need to really push yourself to master the P.A.P. training exercises.

– More supersets and emphasis on functional training. P90X2 was designed to be the ultimate functional training system and includes more supersets and challenging “muscle confusion” sequences than P90X.

– More efficient. P90X2 is designed to train you more efficiently, which is why you will only need to work out five days per week and take two days off for recovery. The P90X workout program required a commitment of six days per week with one recovery day.

Principles of the P90X2 Workout Program

The P90X2 workout program is designed around the same principles of muscle confusion as P90X, except it also includes a whole new set of exercises and sequences. You’ll be pushing your body through functional training exercises, intense plyometric sequences, extended strength training sessions and improving mobility and range of motion throughout the program.

The workout program can be completed in 90 days and will work all of your large and small muscle groups. You’ll find a couple of workout routines that focus specifically on the core muscles, while others focus on the upper body or lower body separately. All in all, the P90X2 workout will challenge your body and help you build strength, endurance and stamina.


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