OSHA Safety Training Examines Stress in the Workplace

Stress is a physical or mental response to the pressures of any work factors or any task during daily living in general. Although we tend to speak of stress in a negative context, stress is otherwise known as euro-stress and this is the positive side of a stressful episode. At Online OSHA Safety Training we like to expose you, the safety and health advisor with new words and terms to improve your ability to adequately transfer your safety training knowledge to the workers on the job site, wherever that site may be.


OSHA Compliance Training

Today we are looking at the effects of stress in the workplace and more specifically in the construction sites of the United States. This is our unwavering safety training effort so that you can learn a little bit about how to effectively deal with one of the strongest factors affecting all workers in today's hectic and fast-paced work environment.

OSHA 10 Hour Training

As with all of the OSHA training courses listed at Online OSHA Safety Training the subject and topic of stress is covered and quite specifically in the OSHA construction course offerings. When stress occurs in your body you release hormones which speed-up you're breathing and heart rate thus increasing your sugar blood levels and blood pressure. Your body goes into survival-mode preparing itself for a physical emergency and this is normally a good thing. You now have energy and mental agility to get the job done.

Stress Factors Taught in all OSHA Compliant Safety Training Courses

As stress continues, your body temporarily adjusts to the stress and if the stress is subsequently removed during this normal adjustment period, your body will return to a normal state of being. However, if stress goes on for prolonged periods of time, your body fails to adjust and will wear out weakening your defenses to disease. Your body cannot run on high-speed forever as this will lead to an eventual burnout and an accident or fatality will then occur.

OSHA Construction Training Courses

At Online OSHA Safety Training we believe that a certain amount of stress adds a great deal of opportunity and variety to your life but too much stress can work against you. In the OSHA Construction Training Courses, either the 10 hour or 30 hour modality, you will be educated in the role of stress and how to best manage your stress while on the job site. Please have a look below at a couple of the OSHA construction training courses that are offered at Online OSHA Safety Training site so that you can get a better feel of this excellent trainer resource that is at your fingertips, 24/7.

* Online OSHA 10-Hour Construction Courses
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