Online Degrees and Education – A Global Perspective

The Speed of Education

Everything seems to be delivered with speed nowadays-products, services, even our acquaintances. The key issue is that online educational qualifications must be provided globally in an effective manner. Of course, there is an option to provide online education locally as with many universities in the USA. To some extent, the requirements of regional accreditation have much ground already covered. Nevertheless, this still goes against the spirit of the Internet which can deliver almost any other product or service internationally. Why not provide online education across borders if it meets the requirements? Quality education provided cost-effectively across borders will only improve world economy. The online degree model should follow e-Learning which is fast gaining ground as a mode of corporate training in the working world. Corporate e-Learning practices can partly be adapted for providing reliable online degree programs. In addressing the issue of online degrees attainment as a global or international concern let’s take a look at all the factors online students must go through to make their decisions.

What Are The Factors Determining The Value And Validity Of A Globally Recognized Online Degree?