Online Degree???

I was going to take online courses at Ashworth University. However, I have done research and found out that this school is not regionally accredited.


Could you please give me the names of some regionally accredited online colleges where I can finish up my AA degree and move on to my BA degree?

You may well be able to get your Associates degree online via your own state's community college system. It's worth some phone calls to ask about this. This would also be your cheapest option, and such schools are certainly reputable (unlike Ashworth and etc.)

If an online associates isn't available via your own cc system, then it is via mine. Try the page below for a complete list of AAs offered by the SUNYs, all highly reputable.

When it comes time to get your bachelors, also make sure the school is regionally accredited and reputable. The link I gave lists some, but you can also look at the following, all strong brick and mortar unis that also offer full bachelors degrees online:

– UMass Amherst

– U Maryland

– Iowa State

– Ball State

– UMass Lowell

– Penn State

– U Denver

– SUNY Oswego

– SUNY Delhi

– Central Michigan University

– Oregon State

– Carnegie Mellon

– Northeastern University

– Boston University