Offshore degrees offered in La.

HOUMA, La. (AP) — With so many oilfield jobs, it’s nothing

Eric Receiving His Ashworth College Bachelor Degree In Criminal Justice

new to see students carrying hard hats along with their backpacks to

technical-college classes.

But at least two Louisiana programs offer something different. Two

community colleges have established associate degree programs for

offshore occupations like operators and technicians. Both have attracted

students who started this school year. The programs are the result of a

partnership between local educators and industry, including major oil

companies like BP, Chevron and Shell.

“Hopefully, we will create options for students graduating who

want to pursue a career,” said Travis Lavigne, chancellor of

Houma’s L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College, which has 25

students enrolled in its Integrated Production A farming system that produces high quality food and other products by using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs and to secure sustainable farming.