normal school or online school?

ok well i am in the 9th grade and ive been failing school since the 8th grade but in 7th grade i was getting straight A's so now ive been wondering what did i do that summer that may have fucked up my work ethic since the first day of 8th grade i havent been able to focus on my work and i havent done home work in ages so since ive been failing school for so long soo recently ive been wondering is it time to approach school differently so now i want to hear what you guys have to say about normal school or online school? i will really apreciate any of your answers on witch one i should do and witch is better but thanks appreciate it 😀

Hmm… tough question. I take both online and real school (I split it in half so I can sleep in for my first blocks lol) and both have its advantage and disadvantages.

For a couple of reasons, I'd strongly suggest you stay in school. Online is for those who get hw in on time without having to be chased. From the looks of it, you'll just use your time to play a bit more and not do anything (sorry if I sound mean). I'm saying this because this leads to grave consequences and it will effect whether you will be able to graduate or not. Stay in school. If you keep your binders organized at least and look over even once (even if your not paying attention) I'm sure you can get anywhere from C- to A's. Organization and motivation is key.