My Memory of The First Day at School

Today, I played a new dress up game about choosing costumes and accessories for a cute girl who will have a first day at school. It makes me remember my first day at schools. That is a special part in the life of each student, that we can never forget. To someone, that may be a sweet memory but it might be a terrible one for someone like me.

My first day at schools gave me the feelings of fear and anxiety. On that day, my grandfather and my grandmother took me to school because both my father and my mother were very busy. At that time, my father was a soldier stationed far from home and could not go home to take me to schools. And my mother was a teacher, she was busy to welcome her new students so she did not have time for me. Therefore, at last, I went to school with my grandparents.

My mother said that I was of the school age and there were some children coming to school earlier than me, so I should not worry much about it, she was like a great mother having a brave child. But when my mother told that, I thought that she was a heartless mother while I did not know about this school before. Going to a strange place is terrible to me.

All things at that school were strangle to me from that school, surroundings, to teachers and students here. Because the headmaster was my grandfather's friend, he took me to introduce with the headmaster and requested him to admit me to school. Then I was enrolled as a student, the headmaster allowed me to attend the class and after that my grandparents left me in the classroom and went away. I became nervous and wanted to cry.

However, the kind behavior of the class teacher soothed my feelings and the nervousness vanished from me. The class teacher asked my name and whereabouts. I replied some of her questions promptly. After that the bell rang, the class teacher left our class and another teacher came. All the students in the class stood up. The lesson began with the simple arithmetic. Then the bell rang. Another class began, a new teacher asked us to read following her one after another in the text book. At the end of class, she advised me to purchase the text books for the following days.

My first day at school finished at 4 p.m and my grandfather was waiting for me at the school gate, after the first school day, I have a lot of new friends. That is my impressive first schools day and I decide I will take my sister going to school next year and will instruct her the necessary things for her first day at school, and she will not be worried and nervous like me before.

But now I will let her know about this new dress up game that might be help her so much in choosing clothes and accessories for her first school day and of course, she is also a fan of that kind of game.