My beagle is 2 years old and still has accidents overnight, it

Of course you didn't have space to share exactly HOW you went about training her!

Beagles can be one of the breeds that CAN have a few more challenges with House Training; however, it can be done!

They are sweet, bonny dogs who love to please, but they are also a breed that was created to work a job and do it without a lot of OUR active participation, while they are working.

This can make some folks claim they are stubborn, (along with Doxies too) but no dog is truly stubborn in the terms that WE would use that word for.

They simply don't always believe that they need to pay total attention to our “great ideas” because they were bred to work “AWAY FROM” US, and our “motivations.”

Shoot me an e-mail and reference Potty 101AB in your subject line. I'll send you a copy of Potty 101 and then YOU…pretend that she has no clue of what you want, treat her exactly as you would a young puppy just starting out and offer her a FUN, HAPPY, SUPPORTIVE REFRESHER course in this important lesson.

The real ticket to success is that you STOP allowing her free access to your house UNTIL she is 100% on the mark for asking and going OUTSIDE!

Set her up for success in having NO accidents in the house. Use baby gates, to gate her into an easy to clean space, or use a crate when you can not WATCH HER 100% when inside.

Use a tether and attach her to your belt, belt loop or waist if she is loose in the house, so that if she gets up to move around, you'll feel the tug and know you had better look up, and watch to see what she is about to do!

If an adult is not watching her, then she is being set up and ALLOWED to make mistakes, not her fault!

And don't “beat yourself up either!” It's not uncommon for folks to see that their puppy “seems” to have caught on and then back off on giving the needed support or stop going out WITH the dog to praise and treat for a correctly done outside potty…you think she is done with learning it, but oops, as you see she is close, but not quite there!

If you start over, using positive reinforcement (+R) you'll get her right on track in jig time, she sounds close to having it down!