middle school to high school?

why is it that i didnt freak out before middle school but im freaking out over high school?

High School Football

Well in high school, things are a lot bigger. Like the students, teachers, and buildings. You also get more homework than junior high but don't let that get you down. Millions of students like you are entering high school for the first time. And it can be scary. But just relax. Just be yourself and you can make some life-long friendships. You can make some friends by joining in some after school clubs and sports. And also just by talking to the person beside of you. You can compliment on something they have to strike up a conversation. Also, in high school, you know you have more homework than junior high. So be prepared to do that. Be organized and don't procrastinate. Doing that will make you feel behind in your classes and you can't catch up. Just pay attention to your teacher's lectures, take good notes, and do your homework first before crashing onto the computer. Have a schedule with you or a to-do list. Prioritized your things and tackle big assignments one at a time. And have some fun too. High school is one of the best years of your life. Make it like that and you will enjoy high school.

When I was a sophomore, I was scared too. I was the shortest person in my high school. But I got used it and now, I'm used to being around taller people.

good luck!