McHill High School Continues Growth in Online Education

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

McHill High School, one of the highly recognized and established online institutions showed persistent growth by record enrollments in the month of April 2012.

A study conducted by McHill High School in collaboration with a leading research group proved that the number of students enrolled in online high school diploma program increased for the fourth straight term by 12%. “With this substantial growth when enrollments in online diploma programs are declining, McHill High School once again proved to show consistent growth patterns,” said, Director Admissions at McHill High School.

“The outlook of online education is 'just as superior as' face-to-face medium of education. At the same time there has been sluggish enhancement in the percentage of online high schools that has a constructive view of the comparative quality of learning resulting in a dependable and sizable majority that see online education superior to traditional way of teaching,” the study acknowledges.

Globally online education has now become a very vital part of numerous colleges and universities and this has now been part of their short-term expansion plans. The flexibility, convenience and increasing acceptance of online high school diploma from McHill High School has made considerable difference in lives of many students and working adults. Students now prefer to study in an online environment as it facilitates them in coping with their personal and professional responsibilities.

The study also revealed that a range of factors influenced the decision of many individuals to choose McHill High School. These included flexible study schedules, comprehensive course material, usage of two way interactive videos and strong relations with employers/businesses.

About McHill High School:

McHill High School is an internationally accepted and accredited online high school offering online diploma programs to students. McHill High School is proud of the fact that our educational curriculum is very comprehensive and dynamic. Moreover online class room makes online high school diploma very much preferable compared to any traditional institution. McHill High School faculty comprises of the world’s most leading and renowned educationists and industry experts. McHill’s online high school diploma program is specifically designed for home schooling students, working adults, special people & house wives who cannot attend traditional educational due to personal or professional commitments.

Our diploma program is designed to add value to the academic profile of individuals from all backgrounds. The High school strives to provide its students with exciting services which enable them to pursue their academic and career goals. These services have been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs and requirements of students and alumni.