Majors That Will Land You a Job

Recent college graduates have it tough nowadays. With record high unemployment rates, It is becoming more and more competitive to get a job immediately after you graduate. Many people grow weary on the job hunt, and wait months and years until they are able to find a satisfying job. Don't let this be you. We offer some advice for those college graduates who don't want to wait. Being employed should be your number one priority. So, read on to find out the most qualified majors with the best job prospects to give you a head start.

You want a job? You may not want to study architecture or the arts. Studies have shown that these two degrees, for recent college graduates at least, finding a job is especially tough. With record high unemployment rates, architecture majors account for a whopping 13.9$ in unemployment and for art majors, 11.1%. It's kind of depressing that this is how our society works, and we all know architects are among one of the most talented and visionary professionals out there, but the reality is, you best bet to finding a stable job, right out of college, is to major in something in the medical, health related, or education field. Those fields have significantly much lower unemployment rates, according to Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Generally, researchers have found that people have a much higher chance of getting employed if they choose a specific career path, like accounting, medicine, or business. More general majors like the humanities, liberal arts, and art will put you on a more meandering path, which is tough to land a job. Factor in the already slow economy, students will find themselves in a rut if they choose a more general degree.

We're not trying to damper any spirits here, but the numbers and data analysis shows it clearly. Your degree matters less, and your major matters more. But, don't be too caught up in specialization, because with the unpredictable economy, even very specialized degrees don't necessarily guarantee a good job. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are well versed in topics like engineering, math, computer science and if you want to pursue a general degree go ahead, but we can assure you, well paying jobs look for skills like math and science.

If you've already gotten your basic undergraduate degree, don't worry. It's never too late to put some math and science, even business skills in your arsenal. Many accredited online programs are now available, making it easier and easier to get the skills you want, without having to change your lifestyle and work patterns too much. Accredited Business programs are out there and well within your reach. Regardless of your major or specialization, the good news is that as time goes on, unemployment rates should go down.

Remain hopeful, always try to educate yourself further, and look out for jobs and opportunities that may come your way.