Lucrative Job Opportunities in Dubai

Working and living in UAE is a dream many people have and I you are among them then this article is worth reading. The article will guide you about how to find a perfect job for you in growing economy of Emirates. Dubai is part of seven states of UAE and has earned global fame since decades because of it growing economy. Dubai is located in the southern part of Persian Gulf and controlled by independent rules named Emir.

Economy of Emirates is largely dependent on oil and gas but now as experts believe the oil reserves are limited Dubai government has started developing many constructional projects which are now serving in economy. Burj ul Arab, Burj khalifa are among the tallest buildings of the world. Now Dubai is not relied only upon oil and gas reserves other sectors like tourism, finance, real estate, information technology, education and health care are growing and have a large share in Dubai economy.

The fast growth in above mentioned sectors increased the demand of skilled professionals in UAE. Lucrative work opportunities are attracting many from all over the world because UAE offers quite high salaries and benefits which are better than most countries. Jobs in Dubai can be obtained with hard work, right qualification and experience. Language proficiency plays an important role in finding a suitable job in Dubai. A frequently asked question is what is the right qualification that can earn you a job in Dubai? Here are some tips which can help you in finding a right job.

In Emirates with time more educational institutes are setting up and need of qualified teachers are increasing a lot. People from countries like UK, USA and other are moving to grab these lucrative jobs. The minimum requirement is a bachelor degree along with a BEd, while most of the institutes require more than 2 years experience.

Dubai offers a world class infrastructure and that is enough to grab the attraction of well reputed IT firms to establish their operations. Companies like IBM, Oracle, Sun Solaris and many other are operating from Dubai and they need young and talented IT professionals. To get a job in IT firms the minimum qualification is bachelors or masters is required. Approximately four years experience is required to get a job here in Dubai. Other than university degree certifications like oracle, Cisco and Microsoft will help you in finding a good job here in Dubai.