Learn Life Coaching Skills to be a Life Coach for Teens in an Approved ICF Coaching Training Program

Academic Life Coach Training and Certification is a program that trains dedicated professionals to prepare teens for a successful adult life. The knowledge and skills gained through training empowers coaches to effectively work with teenagers in middle school and high school. Once you have completed your training as a Life Coach, you are ready to start working independently with teens.

All training programs that are offered at Academic Life Coaching address the five main issues affecting teenagers both inside and outside of school, including:

1. Stress over grades and academics. Most teenagers are stressed out by trying to maintain a certain GPA. Other teens, who are just doing the bare minimum to get by, want better grades but are frustrated because they don’t know how to achieve them.

2. Concern about motivation and involvement in school. Motivating teenagers to put in effort academically and in other areas of their life is often a huge challenge. So many students get caught up in identifying their self-worth with their report card and learn to run away from their school work and extracurricular activities.

3. Frustration in relationships. Building strong relationships is a big part of a successful high school experience. Those strong relationships are also a necessary foundation for their future.

4. Anxiety about college (and the college application). At times, it seems that a student’s whole success in life rides on the application essay and SAT scores. Pressure from other teens and parents can add to the anxiety.

5. Uncertainty about the best options available or the best path forward. Parents want the best for their children. The problem is knowing what exactly is in the best interest of their child and how they as parents can best support their children.

The Academic Life Coaching program for students is split into 3 sections, each of which progressively develops a student`s skills. They are as follows:

6. Strategies for using learning and motivation styles to counteract stress caused by grades.

7. Core life coaching exercises to develop emotional and social intelligence.

8. Powerful communication and personal leadership skills.

The Academic Life Coaching team is a group of committed, passionate coaches responding to their calling of serving the youth. We are a positive presence in the lives of teens as they learn how to become more confident and organized students, eager and ready to step into bigger leadership roles.

Feel passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people and want to join our team of trained and certified Life Coaches? Academic Life Coach Training and Certification is the best program for professionals who want to work with teens in their community.

Academic Life Coaching offers a tele-seminar training program that is recognized by the International Coach Federation and has already trained over 50 coaches from New York to Dubai. You can enroll and gather the necessary experience to coach teens and learn how to build a successful Life Coaching practice.

Academic Life Coaching is the only organization that currently offers an ICF recognized program that trains Life Coaches with skills and tools specifically tailored to students in middle school, high school and college.

The Academic Life Coaching Training and Certification Program is designed to both train and deliver access to all the materials you will need to work effectively with youth and jump-start your own financially sustainable business. It is an opportunity for you to gain core life coaching skills, learn the Academic Life Coaching system, and join a community of coaches throughout the world doing this kind of work.