Learn Infant CPR

Learning infant CPR is a must for all new parents and others who will be spending time with these tiny bundles of joy. It’s not a difficult process to learn and may very well aid in saving a life.

Why? Unexpected tragedy can happen in any home. An infant can choke or suddenly stops breathing. Would you be prepared for this situation? Unfortunately, many parents, grandparents and others who typically care for children… are not.

According to the recent report, ‘The State of Home Safety in America: Facts about Unintentional Injuries in the Home’, 2nd edition, the leading cause of injury related death in infants, under the age of one, is unintentional choking and suffocation.

The same report indicated that, each year, there are more than 36,000 obstructive airway injuries occurring in the home, which require an emergency room visit.

The good news is The American Heart Association has made it even easier to learn infant CPR, in the comfort of your own home. In as little as 22 minutes you will learn the necessary techniques to perform this life-saving procedure, on any infant or small child.

The Infant Anytime CPR kit, priced at under $40, was developed in coordination with the American Academy of Pediatrics. This unique classroom in a box provides all of the essential tools, to learn infant CPR… even the infant!

(Note: The kit geared toward infant CPR is higher priced, due to the extra cost of manufacturing the baby manikin.)

The kit includes the following:

~ Inflatable Mini Baby™ manikin (choice of either light or dark skin)
~ Extra manikin lung
~ CPR skills DVD
~ 2 fold-out reference guides
~ Practice phone
~ Sanitizing wipes

The DVD, which is closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired, includes detailed information on how to alleviate chocking, proper chest compression, giving breaths, how to check for responsiveness and contacting 911.

(It does not, however, include information in regard to the use of automated external defibrillators, as the American Heart Association is neither for nor against the use of AED’s on infants.)

For those caregivers who would feel more at ease in a classroom setting, the Infant Anytime CPR kit can still be of use. Once the student has completed the course and feels they can adequately pass on the skills that they learned, the kit makes a wonderful teaching aid.

To locate an infant CPR course near you, please call 877-AHA-4CPR or visit the American Heart Association.