King Sports Training Equipment to Offer Sport Specific Speed Training Programs

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

King Sports Training, the Dallas based speed and agility equipment brand, is preparing to launch a new set of speed training programs that can be used in team and individual training. The author of the programs is company founder and world class speed coach, Bob King.

“Speed separates levels of competition.” says King. “How you train can vary your results if you are not doing it properly, which is why we have set out to provide programming to go with our equipment.”

Bob King has won at just about every level with his speed and agility training program. His resume already includes 3 Super Bowls, 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal and years in the NBA, MLS and NFL Combine training.

The company has built a complete training system around this success by taking the same formula of speed training equipment and speed workouts that showed success at the highest levels, and packaged it for coaches and athletes to have.

Coach King has also done educational clinics for thousands of coaches over the years and know the challenges that are faced with time and equipment restraints.

“Maximizing your time and effort is a big part of what we emphasize and that can show great gains over a season.” says King.

The sports training programs will be sports specific with sports like; football, basketball, tennis, baseball/softball, volleyball, track and more.

The King Sports Training system comes with a complete speed and agility kit that includes an agility ladder, ten mini speed hurdles, speed training bungee, 8 tall agility cones and carry duffle bag.

King Sports TrainCoach King is also available for convention speaking, teacher inservice and other speaking events regarding speed and agility training.