Joining online school?

So I want to join an online school,but my parent's won't let me. I think it would be better for me because I'm always on the computer and I'm more comfortable to have school at my own home,I'm halfway through 8th grade but I plan on starting it in 9th. Is there any way I can convince them to let me do it,for a better me? Also,can online school be EXCLUSIVELY online? My parents wouldn't have the time to take me somewhere,as they both work and my dad works across the country. I would just have a more enjoyable and easier time working on the computer.

Perhaps your parents don't want you to be online all day? Maybe they know you would get too distracted by sites such as youtube, pinterest, facebook, etc., to get your school work done?

I actually do NOT agree with most of what the poster above me said.

Decreased sociability – this is a big myth that has been proven false over and over again. I'd also like to add, does anyone really believe there are NOT socially awkward kids in public schools?

Decreased physical ability – This is a crock of you know what! If you are at home all day, you will in fact have more time to exercise. Since switching to homeschool, one of my daughters has lost over 50 pounds. Why? She's home to eat healthy lunches and has more time to exercise. There goes that posters theory that switching classes will keep a kid fit. According to the CDC 1/3 of school aged kids in the USA are fat or obese. . Homeschoolers make up at the most just 5% of the school aged population. Most homeschoolers I know, including my own kids are average weight.

Decreased immune system – Okay this is ridiculous! Homeschoolers and people that go to public school online don't have decreased immune systems. If anything they have more opportunities to get out there and be exposed to people of all ages. Another thing, aren't kids in public school indoors all day? One of the major causes of a weak immune system in an otherwise healthy person is stress. Public school stresses a lot of kids out to the point of feeling suicidal. Don't believe me? Read Y!A or pick up a newspaper. Bullying is out of control.

Decreased eyesight – I have no idea what this person is talking about. This is just crazy talk. Computers can cause eye strain, but not long term vision problems. There are plenty of people that work on the computer all day long for a living, and have perfect eyesight. There are also people that have never sat in front of a computer screen, yet they have horrible eyesight.

I do agree that you will need to have self discipline, but anyone that has school work to do or homework needs a good dose of self discipline, self discipline is not exclusive to people that go to school online or homeschoolers.

The comment about wasting electricity/money by being on the computer, is another crazy comment. According to our own government the annual cost to operate a laptop for 4 hours a day is only $44 a year! So at most the electric cost for school would be less that $88 a year. As if your parents having to drive you to and from school every single day, doesn't waste more than $88 a year in gas.

The comments about no accountability or professionalism with public online school, seems far fetched. You will have teachers, and will be accountable to them, yourself, and your parents. Parents of most online schools have a login portal where they can check the progress of their kid. I have no idea what the poster means by professionalism. I'm confident most of these public online schools conduct in a professional manner, otherwise they wouldn't be in business.