Jobs For High School Dropouts

If you are a high school dropout, you probably know how hard it is to find a decent job with no education. It may seem like a hopeless road of minimum wage jobs with no opportunity for advancement. Unfortunately, this is the case more often than not. However, there are some jobs out there for high school dropouts. There are ways to make money without a high school education, and there are ways that you can do it in this economy.

One good place to start if you are a school dropout looking for work is your local unemployment office. They have a large list of jobs. Of course, some of them require a high school diploma, but not all of them do. It may take some time to look and find the right job, but be patient. Use your resources and make sure to ask someone which jobs are the best for people with little to no education.

The next place you should look for jobs if you are a school dropout is temp agencies. While many of these require an education to get started, there are also those exceptions as with the unemployment office.

Now the best thing to do would be to study and get your GED, or General Education Diploma. This serves as a high school diploma and will help you have a better chance at getting the job you want, but if you are not able to do this, just know that there are jobs there out there for you and that with a little hard work and dedication, you will be able to find the ones that are better than just flipping burgers all day.