Jobs and the Economy

There is an incredible amount of variety in jobs performed by people with a wide range of talents and skills. These jobs provide not just a living, but bolster employee self confidence, self worth and image. They allow adults to continue learning throughout their lifetimes, developing new skills, abilities and knowledge. Parents in the workforce transfer their love of learning and working to their children, instilling a good work ethic, and a curious nature for school, apprenticeships, or trades. Jobs also bolster the economy of the country in which they are performed. The actual work accomplished allows industries to prosper, and money to flow. Healthy loans for businesses benefit both the businesses and the economy. Workers continue to increase their skills, making an even more efficient workforce for the future. High employment rates mean more goods and services are purchased, which then benefits more businesses and additional employees. Jobs allow charities to receive funding because more people have more disposable income.

There is greater assistance for citizens with disabilities and difficulties. There are more resources for the arts, and for athletic pursuits. The young of society benefit from additional opportunities due to the extra resources, and the elderly benefit with easier access to above adequate housing, food and medications. Jobs provide tremendous revenue for taxes. Every job creates income tax dollars, and also allows the employee to purchase a home, which then generates real estate tax dollars. A comfortable and stable income level means that people will purchase the things they need and desire, creating dollars in the form of sales taxes.
Good management in the workplace also enhances interpersonal connections. Employees forge business and personal relationships with one another, further enhancing self confidence and happiness. These connections allow future research and businesses to form and prosper, creating new revenues and new jobs. Entrepreneurship is fostered. A plethora of jobs in a state or community means that schools see a healthy enrollment, and funds are available to enhance education. Jobs often require specific or general skills, and every type of legitimate school from a rigorous university, to a trade school, to a school focusing on the arts will see increased student number and revenue. Jobs provide dignity to people. People with jobs have easier access to mental and physical health. Recognizing their intrinsic worth by having a good job with good management means that employees will be less susceptible to depression and other mental health disorders.
Jobs that provide healthcare allow employees to participate in preventative health checkups and treatments. Preventative actions lower a nation’s healthcare costs. In addition, people with jobs are more likely to eat correctly, exercise, and stay off drugs and alcohol than people out of work, who are more likely to battle low self esteem, money difficulties, and apathy. Overall, jobs are a nation’s most important resource. They are a family’s lifeline to accomplishing dreams and realizing a future. Jobs create benefits ranging from enhanced world and national economies, increased research and knowledge, mentally and physically healthy citizens, highly functional families, and fulfilled charities and their beneficiaries.