Is professional puppy/dog training worth it at like Petsmart?

Also, what's the best age of the puppy to take them to a professional trainer?

I'm talking about puppy training in a class with other dogs and their owners of course.

Professional training is a must! The more resources you have to help teach your dog how to behave in the human world, the more successful your relationship with your dog will be. So many dogs are discarded due to simple problems that could be fixed with basic training.

I would choose a trainer first, and a location second. You can go to the best facility, but if you get stuck with a lousy trainer you will set yourself, and your dog, up for failure. Places like Petsmart do hire good trainers, and more formal schools do hire bad ones.

The best time to start a class is 11-12 weeks. Puppies go through a fear stage around 9 weeks old and are usually out of it by 11 weeks. During this stage, puppies are more unsure of the world, and even minor bad experiences can result in a lifetime of problems. After 11 weeks, puppies are more equipped to handle the unknown, and are ready for school.

I would visit a location or two that is affordable and close to home. Then talk to all the trainers who work there and choose the one you like best.