is anyone home-educating due to school bullying?

i recently removed my son from primary after endless bullying and the school failing every step to implement their own anti-bullying policy, my daughter was assaulted recently at her popular secondary and again the school protected the bully, shockingly! schools are definately failing our kids, so i would appreciate if you feel as strongly as me, please sign my online petition thks –

Bullying Statistics”>Online petition – Ensure that the anti-bullying policy is fully implemented in all schools

Absolutely, I took my child out of school this year for that reason and several others and after having read all of the books I have I realise that as parents we can do a much better job! In Mary Pride's “Complete Guide to getting started Home Schooling”, which I highly recommend along with a plethora of others, the #2 reason that people h/s their children is b/c of “drugs, violence, and gangs”. Jails are not packed with home schooled kids,they are packed with people who have had the benefit of ten or more years of being “socialised” in public schools. Added benefit: Home schooled children do not have to cope with increasingly unsafe school environments. (my child is in the fifth grade, and the first time that he was bullied was on the school bus. The other kids “told him”, or he said asked but was frightened to death, he had to bring snacks for everyone on the bus the next day or their would be trouble!

I called the school, the said there was nothing that they could do b/c he was on the bus, not in school. The only reason that he went to public school for this long, until this year is b/c I am disabled. And only recently have I been able to come to terms with my disability and have enough energy to home school him.

But I will tell you, he is a child more at ease, less stressed, more willing to listen, has adult conversations (I am raising a man not a child!), and he is more respectful of older people and the knowledge they have gained in their lifetimes.


the #1 reason people H/S was b/c of “isolation from community life”, #3, Little or no interaction with the teacher, #4 Lockstep learning, #5 Censorship of traditional religion, #6, Peer pressure, #7 Lack of opportunites to pursue special interests and projects, and 8,9, and 10 Dumbed down curriculum, busywork, and morally questionable curriculum. A few famous homeschoolers to help you feel better: Thomas Edison (his teacher said he was “addled” and impossible to teach, so him mom pulled him out of school and the rest as they say….is history; the four faces on Mt Rushmore, Hans Christian Anderson, Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright Brotheres, Patrick Henry and more and more. I would encourage you to read this book, it's expensive and you can get it at the Library but you will never look at public education (oxymoron) the same way again! I wish you tons of luck. You taught your child to walk right? Eat with a utensil? You have already homeschooled him/her anyway. Feel free to email me.

Best wishes and Happy New Year