Information Technology Jobs: Careers with a Degree in Information Technology

The Robert Half Technology Salary Guide reports the technology job salaries are expected to increase nearly 8% over last year. More technology jobs are available now than every before, and those numbers are only going to increase. From tech support call center IT employees to computer information technology managers who are responsible for entire company computer infrastructure, information technology (IT) careers are the rising shining career path for recent college graduates.

It also doesn’t hurt that college degrees in information technology are easier to obtain then ever before, especially with online college information technology programs. The online education college platform is ideal for information technology students, since most of their education takes place on the computer, which is really the core of the information technology field.

Entry-level Information Technology Jobs

Computer technical support is one of the most common and necessary information technology careers, and is a great way to get a foot in the door for an information technology job. Whether working at a large volume call center for one or multiple clients or working in a smaller office providing tech call support to staff, computer or online tech support jobs usually pay above minimum wage and help establish training, particularly while attending school for an information technology degree.

Mid-level Information Technology Jobs

A decent mid-level information technology career path is to consider working as an intern or apprentice under a tech guru to get started on an information technology path. There are plenty of companies with large information technology departments, and getting any job on the IT team in a large company such as this is invaluable experience for future advancement in the information technology field.

Corporate-level Information Technology Jobs

Getting in with a large corporation is a good way to get on a team for the IT department and use your experience to work up to an IT manager position or to take your experience in the information technology department and use it to advance through the corporate ranks of another company. Large corporations have to have reliable computer systems and communications systems, and an information technology degree and IT experience will land a good job in either of these fields at the corporate level.

Information Technology Company Jobs

Ah, Google, the guru of all information technology companies in the world today… a prized company where many IT professionals only dream of being invited to be part of the Google team. Of course, there’s also Yahoo! and Microsoft and Apple and all those other computer companies. Every one of them are looking for the hottest, brightest and fastest on-the-move information technology graduates who are ready to help shape the future of the information technology world.

Don’t forget also about the computer and technology companies such as cellular and digital phone companies, cable and internet companies, printer and computer manufacturing and sales companies–all of these companies and others like them require strong IT professionals in the ranks and working up the ladder to keep them viable in the technological marketplace.

Information Technology Careers Summary

The information technology field requires a sharp mind, the ability to work fast in a fast-paced situation, a logical and linear way of thinking but a creative ability to improvise and think on your feet. It’s not the right field for everyone, but if it’s the right field for you, it’s time to start looking at education and getting a degree in information technology. While you’re working your way through school, consider finding at least an internship or apprenticeship or entry-level position in information technology and begin growing in the IT field today.