Important Topics Covered During An Acls Course

ACLS an introduction

The advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) is a collection of techniques that help resuscitating a patient in a condition of cardiac arrest. This training is taken by the healthcare personnel working in hospitals and medical centers such as nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists and paramedics. These professionals often administer such conditions when a person admitted in the healthcare center gets a cardiac arrest and wants immediate help to get back to normal condition.

An ACLS course is a short duration course that can be completed in a day or two. During the course, the trainees learn about different ACLS algorithms theoretically as well as practically. They learn how to work as a team in assisting people in a condition of emergency. In some healthcare centers, this training and certification is provided free of cost to the staff while in others, it is a prerequisite.

Some of the important topics covered under this and other life support courses are discussed below:

o Airway management Receiving oxygen is a crucial requirement of a human body. If the airway is blocked or congested, there is no other way of receiving oxygen for the body. During ACLS, the students are taught about how to place an Endotracheal (ET) intubation tube through the larynx into lungs. Through this tube, the body will get a secure way of receiving the oxygen to enter into the lungs.

o How to assist breathing In a situation when the patient is not able to breathe on his own, a bag valve mask or a ventilator is used for assisted breathing. The bag valve mask has a bag like structure that fills with air and is attached to the ET tube so as to pump air into the lungs. The bag has to be squeezed over a period of time so that the air enters the chest and the chest gets inflated. The ACLS course teaches the right way of doing it as one wrong step at this time can result into irreparable damage caused to the patient. As the ventilator is attached to the tube, the machine needs to be set strictly according to the specific conditions to assist proper breathing.

o Providing shocks to assist circulation Sometimes, an electric shock is necessary to assist proper circulation. Manual chest compressions also help a great deal in such times. Alongside, the heart monitor is needed to be observed to check the rhythm analysis certain medications may also be needed in such a situation. However, this therapy is not to be provided unless the correct way of performing is known.

o Medications Some kind of medication may also be needed during the resuscitation to allow the drug to spread throughout the body. There are strict guidelines regarding the drugs and the right dosage to be given to the patient in the ACLS protocol.

The right steps taken at the right time can save a persons life. So it is highly recommended to attend the ACLS training in San Jose.

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