Important Qualities Of An Emt

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is an important member of the healthcare team. Since most emergencies initially occur outside of the hospital, it is important to have a system in place that can respond to acute care situations and transport injured patients to the hospital for advanced care. Without the services of the EMT team, many patients would never make it to the hospital and would likely suffer life-threatening injuries.

Becoming an EMT is a long process that involves successful completion of a state-approved training program, certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) or through a state agency, and many years of real-world experience. In order to stay focus through this process, one must be determined to accomplish their career goals and have personality traits that are particularly suited to this career path.

Emergency medical technicians are often required to respond to intense traumatic situations that occur in all sorts of environmental conditions. It is critical that an EMT be capable of maintaining composure in stressful situations. The ability to remain focused in the midst of chaos will allow an EMT to quickly assess the situation, determine the level of care that is needed, and follow the appropriate protocol.

In addition to being level-headed, a successful EMT must be in peak physical condition. Emergency situations arise in all sorts of environmental conditions from extreme heat to blistering cold. An EMT must have the type of cardiovascular and respiratory health that is needed in order to work under these conditions. This means that an EMT needs to be able to not only ignore their own discomfort, but also lift heavy objects, stabilize patients, and transport injured individuals to the hospital under extreme environmental pressures.

As you can see, there are some very specific qualities that make a great EMT. While personality traits are usually developed in us as we grow and develop, technical skills are acquired through training, certification, and experience. All states require that an EMT complete an approved training program and become certified before being allowed to treat patients.

There are currently four levels of EMT certification through the NREMT which all require completion of a training program that is specific to that level. Most emergency medical technicians begin their career at the basic level and gradually work their way up to the paramedic level over a period of many years. It is very important that an EMT gain experience at each skill level before advancing to areas of greater technical expertise.

A career as an EMT is very rewarding on a personal level because it gives you the opportunity to have a dramatic impact on the lives of individuals who are in desperate need. The hurdles to becoming a qualified EMT can seem endless, but we feel the time and effort invested is well worth the trouble. Not only are EMTs able to help people, but the demand for their services is increasing at a rapid pace. A career as an emergency medical technician is one of the most secure and financially rewarding opportunities available in the allied health industry.