Ideas to Promote Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness

Security awareness entails sharing information with people. It can be done formally or informally, but the important thing is to communicate a message. The scope of any security awareness campaign is to persuade computer users to listen and act on measures to avoid, deter, detect, and defend against information security threats and/or data security breaches. The objective of information security awareness is aimed at preventing incidents, threats, attacks, and loss or disclosure of data committed by unlawful hacking.

Security awareness presentations provide security information, show reports and findings and explain many of the security concerns that exist. It’s an excellent way for people to come together to share information or personal experiences with others. The main benefit of security awareness is to reinforce good security practices.

People must know that the information they posses, whether it’s on a computer or in some other communication system, risks being lost, stolen, damaged, or corrupted; so, achieving a basic understanding of information security is a primary goal. People can not only learn about security issues but can learn to mitigate or remove a vulnerability or specific threat.

The best way to promote information security awareness is by user training and educationor through policies and procedures. Alternatively, an assessment can be used as it provides the essential elements of the process for information security awareness. In order to carry out such an assessment, and for it to be successful, there must be a plan or strategy with common goals and principles. Several security issues need to be addressed, and users need to understand them as well as know how to respond to them.

Information security is an ongoing learning process. Awareness training is the perfect occasion to address InfoSec concerns.

Ideas, Tips, and Strategies for Information Security Awareness


A good idea to learn about information security (InfoSec) is through awareness activities like training videos and computer-based training programs; these can help people understand information security. Another great way to learn InfoSec is to participate in online forums, workshops, events, programs, or campaigns. Another good idea for people to be aware of InfoSec is to create pamphlets, brochures, signs, posters, or something else to read.

Information Security Awareness: Share the Facts

Computer Crimes

Computer crimes are a big concern, law officials say. Reports show that each year computer crimes are on the rise. The best thing to do about it is to report it. Here’s how:

  • Report computer crimes to local law officials that have in place a Computer Crimes Task Force as well as Cyber Action Teams.

Cyber Threats

Each year, the Internet continues to grow in number of users worldwide. It’s the place people can go to communicate, send, receive and share information, and do much more. It has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks; yes, the Internet is also a place that is vulnerable to threats.

Each year Internet threats multiply, and in order for computer users to safely navigate the Web, they must protect themselves.

Idea: The Symantec Internet Security Threat Report provides insights on Internet threat activity, malicious code, and known vulnerabilities.

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