I need to interview a police officer?

I would really like a police officer to answer the following questions for me.


3. What was it about your line of work that made you want to pursue it as your profession?

4. What kind of education and study were required of your major? Where did you attend college?

4a. How did you acquire your first job, and

5. What kind of responsibilities does your job require of you daily?

6. What is the hardest part about your job? The most rewarding?

7. Does your job allow you time to balance your personal/family life with work?

8. Is your worklife what you expected it to be? What kind of people would be well-suited for your profession?

9. What advice can you offer to those currently pursuing a degree in this field?

10. Did you have to change your own personal eating habits in order to comply with your job as a nutritionist?

10a. What other majors were you considering throughout your educational career?

This better be for a school project.

3. It was “the last great adventure” I was out of the military (with no real desire to make a career there). The war in Vietnam was winding down, and I wanted to something other than work as a carpenter or truck driver or salesman. Plus, I thought it might be neat. I could drive fast to chase bad guys. It was doing a job that not everybody else could do.

4. “What was required of my Major?” I'm not sure what you mean. I had a high school education when I became a police officer. While I was on the job, I went to a community college to get an AS in Law Enforcement, and studied all of your usual criminal justice curricula. I went on the get a BA in History from a major university, and I followed the prescribed course of study for that major. I then went on a got an MS in Public Adminstration from another nearby major university.

4a. I got my first POLICE job, because I knew the department (small town) was hiring part-time/seasonal officers and I was a veretran and had that advantage (veterans preference).. I didn't know then it would be an almost 40 year career. If you mean my first job in general, I started mowing lawns when I was 11 years old.

5. My job today is drastically different from what it was when I was an entry level police officer in a small town. But, a police officer's main responsibilities are always the same: To protect Life and property and enforce the laws of the state and city ordinances.

6. The hardest part in any police officer's career is dealing with the department beauracrcy and the persons who surpervise him/her, and the politcial demands placed on them far beyond protecting life and property. There are two very rewading aspects of the job. One is a great 'save” Saving a drowning person, or a successful CPR resuscitation, or pulling someone from a burning car. The other is a good “catch”. Locking up a real dirt ball criminal. In my years in Homicide, locking up killers provided great satisfaction.

7. My kids are grown now. It was very difficult raising a family, and keeping up with kids activities while working rotating shifts. I neglected my kids and my wife a lot, and I regret that now. I try to make up for that with my grand kids.

8. It was lots better than I ever expected. It was a front row ticket to the greatest show on earth. But it was much harder than I ever expected, and much more stressful. The best police officers are honest, hardworking, tough, brave people with good common sense, and a good sense of compassion and decency.

9. While a degree in criminal justice is beneficial, it is not always neceassary. I was a history major. College does not always make someone a better police officer.

10 NUTRITIONIST? (Did you cut and paset wrong?) Cops from my generation drink coffee and eat donuts. Green leafy stuff is for cows and sheep.

11. I always wanted to be a history major.