I know proper training is the key to a well behaved pet. What

I think it is very probable that this puppy was removed from the Mother and siblings too soon to have learned that nipping too hard in play…has CONSEQUENCES…typically…all the fun, the GAME…ENDS.

This is a sadly common challenge. Puppies benefit greatly from being kept with their Mother and siblings until 10 to 12 weeks…there are important lessons to be learned that most puppies, being removed and sold at ages 7 to 8 weeks MISS OUT ON LEARNING!

All, however, is not lost. The puppy is not trying to be aggressive per se, or even naughty. He/she simply has no concept that this behavior is really painful or that it is NOT AN APPROPRIATE GAME TO PLAY.

A sibling would have either screamed when bitten (and the game would end, perhaps with Mom dog also growling or showing up to enforce a big…”what the heck did you just do here?” or The sibling would have turned around and bitten right back…ALSO effectively ENDING THE FUN!

So, your job, is to first offer an acceptable toy to your puppy…and if that doesn't stop the nipping, then you stand up AND THE GAME ENDS ABRUPTLY.

You ignore the pup for about 2 minutes..(they don't have a very long attention span at this point). You do not leave them unattended, since that is how accidents happen…but you do not allow them to see you being aware of what they are up to…you don't speak or pet them, you turn your back and just ignore them.

This is how Mom dog generally shows disapproval for unwanted behaviors and it sends a message that a puppy can understand…


You can say NO…not yelling but in disapproval, low like a growl, or better yet…YIP AS SHRILLY AS YOU CAN…your timing has to be right on, the moment you have been nipped!

Start training for no more than about 15 minutes (remember short attention span at this point) Sit, Come, Lay Down, back up, come up, get off, get down…in short fun bursts of training with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT rewards…

THIS gives you a whole lot of ACCEPTABLE behaviors to redirect your puppy to do, when the puppy is about to make a poor or unacceptable choice!

And with +R training, it all becomes FUN!