How You can Use a Fake College Degree

Fake College Degree
Most people cringe at the idea of having a fake college degree. However, when a fake degree is given as a gift or used to impress friends, it can be a lighthearted way to start a conversation.  

Getting the Right Degree
When you decide to get a fake degree, you want it to be as realistic and detailed as possible. If you are using it to trick or impress friends, you should always opt for a degree that could pass for the real deal and avoid degrees that are obviously meant to be used as a novelty item. For example, if you jokingly tell a friend you have a degree in a made up career field such as political mathematics, you want a fake degree that looks completely real to keep the joke going.  
Other Uses
A fake degree does not have to be used for joking. Instead, a fake degree could be used to encourage yourself or others to keep striving for a real degree. For example, if you have a friend who is in college to earn a certain degree, you could buy him a fake degree to hang above his desk for encouragement. If you are in college and need motivation, a fake college degree could help keep you on the right track by giving you the drive to eventually replace the fake degree with a real one.  

Fake degrees can also be given as a gift to people who may be incredibly knowledgeable about a subject but do not have a degree in it. For example, if you have a friend who is passionate about Greek mythology but does not have a degree in the subject, you could give her a fake college degree. The fake degree would show your friend that she knows enough about Greek mythology to have a degree, even if she did not go to school for it.  
A fake degree could also make an ideal gift for someone who wanted to go to school but never had the chance. Many people have experience in a certain career field but may not have actually gone to school. Giving someone with experience a fake degree in his career field could help him feel more confident or honored that someone noticed his hard work and knowledge.  
Fake degrees can be used in a number of situations. Whether you need a fake degree for a joke or to give as a gift, there are plenty of places that can help you create a realistic and convincing degree.

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