How To Write Catchy Resume Objectives

Before proceeding further into the article let me tell you briefly about “resume”. All of you know that a resume is the most important tool or vehicle in securing you a good job. Basically, it is a document that contains a list of your education, job experience and positive qualities. A resume is your professional introduction to a prospective employer which if written effectively can result in a job offer.

Many people are of the opinion that resume objectives don’t play an important role. But I would like to point out that the HR Manager (who selects the resume out of the bunch) does the time to go through the entire resume of hundreds of applicants. Its’ only the resume objective that either makes or breaks the impression! If your resume objective is catchy and impressive, then your chances of getting the job or an interview (at least) increase significantly.

So, if you want to get noticed amongst the rest, then make sure that your resume objective stands apart! Here are some tips for writing a good/catchy resume objective:

1. The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is to write your resume from the employers’ point of view. Imagine that you are the manager of a company and you need to hire good people for the organization. So what qualities would you want to be present in the candidate? Think about those qualities and make sure that you mention them in your objective statement. This will certainly give you an edge over others.

2. Make your resume objective formulaic. Be focused and state the name of the job you are applying for. Try to provide a brief job experience and at least three qualities that will make you an ideal candidate for an interview. Make sure that your resume objective is not very flowery or showy. Keep it simple and straight.

3. Try to guide the employer and in terms of what you’re actually looking for. As an example, you can write “seeking a part-time position”. Now this clearly indicates that you are not interested in a full-time job and it can lower the number of jobs thrown at you which you don’t like.

4. Avoid words such as “me” or “my” as they denote that you are very self-centered. Avoid (or for that matter don’t) writing objectives which include statements such as “my career” “I want,” and “offer me advancement.” Why would any company give you a chance to boost your career? Its’ your headache after all!

5. Always end your resume objective stating how your skills and experience can help in the growth of the company. For example, you can include phrases like, “where my experience can add value to the company”, “where my skills will benefit the organization” etc.

Well, above are some tips for writing good resume objectives. Follow them and make your resume beguiling and impressive!

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