how to train bichon frise?

like house train them, train them to be quiet etc.

Training a bichon frise is just like training any other kind of dog. For house training, take it outside every few hours. When it urinates or defecates in the yard, praise it with a high, happy, excited voice. “Good dog, , very good puppy!” That high, happy tone is called a praise tone and it gets them excited and makes them realize what they have done is a good thing. If the dog has a good play drive, reward with a toy, or if not, a small treat.

On the same page, if the dog makes its mess in the house, use a low, sharp corrective tone “No, , bad dog!” Immediately take the dog outside to see if it will finish its business there. If it does, reward it again with that praise tone. It's about reinforcing the good and the bad.

These same corrective tones can be used for everything else, from barking, to coming, to walking nicely on a leash. For dog training, there are three main tones that we use:

1. Praise: high, happy, excited. Reinforces good behavior.

2. Command: brisk, professional. Brings the dogs attention to the command.

3. Corrective: low, deep, sharp. Tells the dog that its behavior is unacceptable.

Another example is responding to the word “come”. Start with the dog on the end of a leash, back away from it, and tell it with your command tone to “come.” If the dog doesn't come to you, do NOT punish it, but pull it to you with the leash and then use the praise tones to talk to it when it does get to you. NEVER call a dog to you to be punished! Always go to the dog to punish or it will learn that coming is bad.

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