How to survive American Middle school?

Firstly I'm Aussie a.k.a Australian. My mom is planning to move to New York (somewhere in Manhattan) in this fancy area. My mums a the CEO for a major corporation so money is not an issue. I am worried about the difference in the school system, In Australia we have primary school (grade prep -6) and secondary school (grade 7-12) have school uniforms and usually don't start dating until grade 10. But in American schools (correct me if I'm wrong) have elemen school, middle school and high school, get to wear whatever you want and wear make up and start dating in middle school. I don't know how I'm so post to act or wear or how other girls will treat me. If I need to buy any expensive clothing I am able to do that. Thanks!

PS we don't ride kangaroos to school and don't put shrimp on the barbie if you were wondering, I don't know we're it came from.

Middle school was tough for me (some girls in my school were rude). But some people I know enjoyed middle school. Since you're moving from Australia, I'm sure you won't have trouble making friends. Americans love accents! haha Just be nice and people will be nice to you. If they aren't, ignore them. They will eventually get the point and leave you alone. As far as clothes, people in America dress similar to Aussies. In cities like New York there is a wide range of styles. Wear what you want and you should be fine. But you might need to dress in warmer clothes. Middle school is usually where a lot of kids start having boyfriends and girlfriends (I never did.) Dating isn't that big of a deal until high school(9th-12th grade) and/or college.