How to Start a Family Daycare Business in Your Home

If you have strong entrepreneur skills, have a high tolerance and work well with children, you may want to learn how to start a family daycare business in your home. Over half of the children in the United States are cared for by someone other than their parent or legal guardian. The majority of families have one or both parents that work outside the home, resulting in a large demand for child care providers. Starting a family daycare business in your home is easier than ever with the help of local childcare agencies, nutrition food programs and local child care educational training classes.

Obtain Proper Licenses and Certification

The type and number of licenses essential for family daycare in the home will be dependant on the state in which you reside. First aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification is also needed before you can begin watching children in your home. Depending on your state, a certain amount of training hours may be essential on an annual basis to keep your childcare license. Training classes include courses in topics such as health and nutrition, safety measures, disciplinary actions, teaching through play and various other child-focused subjects.

Purchase Essential Materials & Furniture

Before you can begin to care for children in your home, you will need to purchase the proper materials, furniture and various other items that will be needed day to day. Although some of these items are optional, they typically come in handy when dealing with larger groups of children to keep the day organized, fun and safe.

• High chairs

• Booster seats,

• Playpens/portable cribs

• Play and nap mats

• First aid kit

• Toys

• Educational movies

• Books

• Stepping stool

• Music player

• Changing table/pads

• Child size tables/chairs

• Art and craft supplies

• Outdoor play toys

• Bedding

• Computers

• Antibacterial soap/cleaners

• Disposable gloves

• Paper towels/tissues

• Storage space for children’s things

Feeding Children in a Home Daycare

It can be difficult feeding children in a family home daycare as most children are picky and do not like the same types of foods. A menu of meals should be planned in advanced, organized, printed and given to the parents of all home daycare children the week prior. Child care providers should plan meals that are colorful, delicious, appeal to children, and yet are nutritious and contain foods from all food groups. It’s recommended that child care providers serve the following meals:

Breakfast – Serving of bread/grain, serving of fruit or vegetable and a glass of milk.

AM Snack – Serving or bread/grain or protein and a glass of 100 percent juice.

Lunch – Serving of protein (meat/cheese), serving of bread/grain, serving of fruit, serving of vegetable and a glass of milk.

PM Snack – Serving of bread/grain or protein and a glass of 100 percent juice.

These servings can differ depending on where you are located, the age of the children and what food agencies you may go through. It’s best to provide a wide variety of food to children of different ages to meet everyone’s nutritional needs.

Activities, Games and Entertainment in a Home Daycare

To fill up a day in a home daycare, the provider must create a schedule of activities much like what goes on in school setting. During a day at a family daycare, it’s best to include a period for educational movies, films and story telling, a period of creativity like arts and crafts, a period for rest and nap time and a period for play whether indoors or outdoors. Including all these activities into a day can help to pass the time, keep the children calm and busy and help the children learn new objectives.