How to Prepare Online to Meet Florida Food Safety Manager Certification Requirements

The Requirements

In the state of Florida, managers whose responsibilities include overseeing the manner in which food is stored, prepared, displayed, and served must earn and maintain a recognized Food Manager Certification credential. At a minimum, there must be at least one employee who holds this type of certification at each business or other organization licensed as a food service establishment. Food service businesses that employ four or more staff members are required to have at least one certified manager on premises at all times.

In order to earn the required credential, food service managers must sit for a Food Manager Certification exam that has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The approved tests include exams developed and administered via the ServSafe, National Registry of Food Service Professionals, and Thompson Publishing programs. The exams can be taken online, but must be administered by a certified exam proctor at an approved location. The state of Florida requires individuals to re-test every five years in order to maintain their certification.

Certification Preparation Training Classes