How to Keep Your Audience Engaged in a Virtual Training Session

As the virtual mode of instruction does not offer any room for face-to-face interaction, attendees are not always actively engaged in the process. Many a times, they remain silent and the entire process becomes ineffective. However, as a training organizer, you have to overcome their silence and keep them engaged, so that they can take out the best from the training sessions. Here, we have come up with some important points that might help you to keep your students engaged.

Don’t Force Your Students to Listen

Keep in mind that you cannot put your participants under the contractual obligation to listen to you. They are attending your session out of their own needs. Pushing them too hard to listen to you won’t make anything fruitful. Rather, to attract your potential attendees and to keep them engaged, you can create interesting course content and deliver the instruction in the most informative way.

Assume that Attendees are Multitasking

Do not expect your audience to hang on every word delivered by the instructor through a virtual platform. Your participants may be reading their latest sales report or answering e-mails, while listening to the training. Remember that you are not getting undivided attention from them. Hence, you need to connect with your prospective attendees, motivate them out of their other works, and draw them into your virtual instruction. If you are successful to motivate them, you can attract attendees in large numbers within a short span of time. Keep in mind that communicating with your attendees will help them to interact with you.

Many People will Hide if They Can

Do you remember the elementary school where a few quiet kids sit in the last benches, so that they can hide from the teacher? The situation is almost same in the virtual mode of training as well. There are many students, who just prefer to be a silent observer and refrain from interacting with fellow participants as well as the instructors. However, you can make your virtual instruction relevant, economical, interactive, dynamic, and more enjoyable to keep your audience engaged. For example, you can come up with some innovative ideas, such as sending private notes to each attendee asking them for their valuable opinion.

However, keep in mind that you should not try too hard to draw out a specific participant. This will pull back majority of your prospective audience, which will affect your ROI negatively.