How to Have a Successful First Year of High School

The first year in high school is probably the most challenging year in a student’s k-12 educational career. The transition from middle school to high school is like going from childhood to adulthood in a three month time frame. As hard as it is, students can still be successful if they follow a few basic steps. These steps are really routines, which will carry the student on a successful journey throughout the rest of their educational career.

Making a few wise decisions at the beginning of a student’s freshmen year can do wonders for their high school career. Successful people always follow the lead of other successful people, and this is what separates them from average people. Students who don’t want to be average realize the importance of following the footsteps of successful students who have blazed the trail before them. The ten recommendation listed in this article are not new, but sometimes people forget that successful students have a lot of positive things in common. Why not just duplicate the successes from the past and separate yourself from the average student.

  1. Purchasing and utilizing a planner at the beginning of the ninth grade year will help students start the school year organized. Because of the many responsibilities in school students need to be organizes in order to stay on top of their educational task. Writing down all assignments, duties, meetings and practices can help the student stay focus.
  2. Socializing with positive people in the school can be a way of gaining support from peers who have some of the same goals. Students who want to be successful generally have a lot of things in common.
  3. Spending extra time reading books will definitely put students on target to be successful. Books will keep the mind sharp and widen their knowledge base. Students who make a habit of reading a lot are generally conscientious about school and earning good grades.
  4. One of the most undervalued skill young people need to develop is writing. Reading and writing should go together. Students should practice this skill by writing letters, notes, cards and journals. Writing should become a habit just as reading does.
  5. Homework is something that every student should get in a habit of doing every single night. A certain time slot should be set aside every night for homework assignments and research. Even if there isn’t any formal homework assigned by the teacher, students should find something educational to do. Reading is always a good choice.
  6. Students should try to be an all- around person by joining clubs, organizations or participating on sports teams. This is a good way for students to develop leadership skills. In addition, when students start to apply for scholarships in their senior year the extra- curricular activities will help their chances of obtaining funds. Scholarship committees like to give funds to students who have demonstrated they do more than just get good grades.
  7. This is a basic habit that sometimes gets over looked. Students should always arrive at school and class on time. Teachers and adults respect students who make the effort to be on time for school every day. Students who are concerned about good attendance are also concerned about doing well in school.
  8. Another important routine that has helped students is praying for wisdom and guidance throughout the school year. Praying is something that works for any person if they believe in it.
  9. Research has told us that eating healthy is beneficial to the body, brain and overall conditioning. Students should try to eat healthy and exercise on a regular schedule. This will keep students alert and give them more energy to be able to complete all educational responsibilities.
  10. Students should also get into a habit of doing extra credit work in any class the teacher allows it. Not only will this help improve the grades in the class. It will also help the student to gain additional information about the course. This is an excellence way to demonstrate a deep concern for improving your educational aptitude.

When ninth graders develop the habits listed above the end results are better grades, a successful school year and a happier student. By building a solid foundation in the ninth grade, the student will be well on his/her way to a successful high school career. The old saying goes “you finish the way you start”, when these students complete their senior year, they generally have high grades and can qualify for scholarships to go to college. In addition, these students are well on their way to having a successful career because they know what it takes to be successful.