How To Get BIG Diet and Training

Hello My Friend,

I receive, every week, email letters from readers

who want to know “the best diet and training for getting

big and muscular”

So I want to lay out the foundation here for getting big and muscular.

1. Get serious about your diet and weight training program.

2. Stick with the multi-joint exercises of squats, deadlifts, over-head-presses,

bent-over row’s or pull-ups, heavy shrugs, bench

presses flat, decline and incline (barbell or

dumbbell), and some heavy barbell curls and close grip

bench presses.

3. Finish each session with some abdominal

and forearm work.

4. Track you training program. Make sure it is progressing. What this means is as you grow

bigger and stronger, do more reps or add more weight to the exercise. If

you really want to get bigger and stronger muscles

you need to grow much stronger

than you are now. HOW? Well you’ll need to add 100 pounds or more to

your deadlift and squats — 75 to 100 pounds

to your bench presses — and 40,50,60 pounds to everything


5. Use target oriented workouts as described in MuscleBuilder Rx

and Sleeve Splitting Biceps.

6. Always use good form. Yes, there is a proper way to

perform cheat curls and such at certain times but never sacrifice good form for weight on the bar.

7. Be realistic in your training progression.

Don’t expect to add 100 pounds in a month or two. It may take

one or two of years to get there. Give yourself

some time to grow bigger and stronger, and don’t try to

rush things or fall into the steroid culture.

8. If you want to add muscle mass and strength, train accordingly.

High rep endurance workouts will NOT help you add muscle mass.

9. If you are an advanced lifter, proper use of the power rack

can be extremely productive.

10. Don’t jump from program to program. Stick to a program

for at least 8 to 10 weeks.

So there you go. That’s the very best training guide for gaining a

more muscular and stronger body.


You say you want a special diet? You want to know

what to eat? How many grams of protein, carbs and fat.

How many calories, vitamins & minerals you need!

Well, here you go.

First things first, Train Hard and Heavy — you must force the muscles to grow!

Multi-joint exercises will do that for you.


Eat plenty of good, healthy, nutritious food. Eat lots of

high quality protein foods. Aim for at least one gram of protein

per pound of bodyweight. So, if you weigh

140 pounds, eat 140 grams of protein (or more) per day.

Ease into consuming more food. The harder and heavier

you train, the more food you’ll eat. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables several times a day. Also eat fresh fruit at least twice a day. Be sure to drink at least five eight ounce glasses of water each day.

Let your appetite be your guide.

You will find yourself craving more food as your training advances.

Remember this…

Just food will NOT add an ounce of muscle to your frame. It will in fact defeat your purpose.

Well that’s the basics. But the basics

are what build bigger, stronger, more powerful muscles.

Thanks for reading, Eat and Train To GROW!

Your Muscle Building Coach,

Dan Przyojski