How to Get a New Hampshire CDL License

New Hampshire has many opportunities for a career as a commercial driver. Those who operate big rigs, buses and similar large commercial motor vehicles must get a New Hampshire CDL license. Applicants for a commercial driver’s license need to find a local New Hampshire DMV substation to take a knowledge test. Those who pass this initial test can then get a CDL permit to train on actual vehicles and drive on New Hampshire roads. After training on commercial vehicles, an applicant can then get a New Hampshire CDL license by passing a hands-on skills test through the DMV.

Step 1:

Access the New Hampshire CDL manual or pick one up at one of the New Hampshire DMV substations. You can read this manual online at If you do not know the location of all DMV substations, you can find a list of them inside the manual.

Step 2:

Use this manual and related resources to study for the initial New Hampshire CDL test (written knowledge exam). You can find additional resources online by searching for “CDL practice questions” and “CDL study guide” in Google or another search engine.

The way the New Hampshire CDL manual works is that all commercial drivers must study the general portions plus additional endorsement sections that apply to their future driving activities. For example, if an applicant plans on hauling hazardous materials, he must take the HAZMAT endorsement test. The manual will tell you what you need to study. If you do not have a specific career plan, then you can study for all endorsements.

Step 3:

Take the CDL medical examination form to a doctor and get an exam. You need a medical card from the doctor to establish that you are physically fit to work as a commercial driver. Download the form at

Step 4:

Take the knowledge test at a New Hampshire DMV substation. You will receive a New Hampshire CDL permit that allows you to train and drive on New Hampshire roads while supervised by a licensed commercial driver.

Step 5:

Get New Hampshire CDL training. Although there are no truck driver training schools in New Hampshire certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute, you can find contact information for many certified CDL programs in the Northeast at You should also consider training as a school bus driver with the local New Hampshire school district or applying with companies like Greyhound for free bus-driver training opportunities or similar employer-provided CDL training.

Step 6:

Arrange for a CDL skills test at the local New Hampshire DMV. Generally speaking, you need to supply your own commercial motor vehicle for this part of the New Hampshire CDL test. Training schools and employers often provide a vehicle or make testing arrangements for this purpose. You will get your New Hampshire CDL license after passing this second part of the CDL license test.


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