how to become a body piercer?

I live near Brisbane and wanna become a body piercer. How would I become one

Become a Body Piercer

Body piercing is an art form that many people use to express themselves. Body piercers, who may also be referred to as body modification artists, most often perform this work. There is more to the job than just piercing though, as it requires good customer service and the ability to understand what the customer wants. Body piercers can be found working in salons or independently. If this line or work interests you, there are several steps you should take to become a body piercer.


1.Determine if you would make a good body piercer before attempting to become one. A successful body modification artist has exceptional hand-eye coordination and is not squeamish about seeing sexual organs or body fluids.

2.Learn about blood borne pathogens. Body piercers come into contact with blood, saliva and other bodily fluids when piercing clients. Attending a class on blood borne pathogens will teach you about the harmful nature of these fluids. You can learn about where these classes are offered by contacting your local health organization.

3.Research the laws in your area of residence regarding body piercing licensing. Depending upon where you live, individual body piercers may be required to be licensed. Other areas require that the owner of the piercing salon be licensed, but not each employee. If you are required to be licensed you will need to attend mandated training courses and renew your license yearly. This may require you to take a refresher course.

4.Complete the safety courses required to become a body piercer in your area of residence. These courses may include, but are not limited to, first aid, preventative health and safety, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, sterilization and hygiene. Most of these courses can be found at your local community college. If you are unable to find them there, contact your local health organization.

5.Become an apprentice at a reputable piercing salon. An established body modification artist can teach you how to become a body piercer in your area. As an apprentice, you will learn proper piercing technique, safe sterilization, the different types of jewelry and how to educate the patient on the proper care needed after the piercing.

6.Apply for a position as a trainee at a piercing salon. This is when you will actually perform body piercing under the supervision of a trained professional. Trainee positions can last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending upon the salon's standards and volume of clients.

7.Begin work as a body piercer. After completing the training position at the salon, you may be offered a position, or you may need to seek employment at another salon. As your employment lengthens, your clientele will likely build, depending upon the quality of your work and your customer service. After building clientele and gaining experience, you may choose to venture out on your own.

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