How should I toilet train my dog?

I have just bought a jack russell who is a year old. We are currently using puppy training pads to toilet train him, which he's going on consistently, but how do I get him off the pads and outside??? We live in a flat which makes it a bit more difficult, but we can't just keep buying training pads!! HELP!

training pads are good for those times when you're too busy to take him out or whilst he's still learning, but mostly they're just a stepping stone anyway.

Right…you've already taught him to pee on the pads, so you're already halfway there…you're able to train him! which believe me, not many people are good at..

To teach him to go outside, you have to spend a couple of weeks dedicating yourself to teaching him this. Take him outside every half hour/hour and use a command like 'go wee' or 'get busy'…whatever your command, stick with it, no changing halfway trough as this will only confuse him. wait agood deal of time outside, repeating your command. The firstfew times he's probably just gonna look at you like your mad and not do anything at all…then he'll go inside and pee on the training pad! dont worry. this is natural…he's already learnt that you want him to pee on those training pads, so it'll be confusing for him at first. keep at it, every half hour if you can, hour if not…then eventually, if you wait outside long enough, he'll pee outside, hopefully just after you've given him your 'get busy' or 'go wee' command.

When he pee's,give him loads of praise, straight away. fuss him,stroke him,play his favourite game, whatever gets him happy. just make sure your timing is right…you want him to assosiate the command (get busy/go pee) to the action (going for a pee) to the fuss…so he figures 'when they say that words, i pee out here and then i get loads of great stuff!'

If you wait too long to fuss him, he wont associate the peeing with the affection.

It'll take a while before he gets the hang of it, especially as,like i say, he's already learnt you want him to pee on the pads, but with plenty of praise he'll get there. when he does begin to get the hang of it, you can start taking the training pads away (just for a few hours a day at first, leaving them with him at night, then increasing it as he grows up and learns to control his bladder more) eventually he'll understand (and be able to) hold his pee until he goes outside.

Good luck!

Limpet x