How Long Does It Take To Graduate With A Degree In Criminal Justice?

Online criminal justice programs usually lead to associate level degrees, bachelor level degrees or master level degrees. At most schools you will need to complete on average 60 semester credit hours for an associate level degree or a master level degree and about 120-128 semester credit hours for a bachelor level degree.

Each course comprising on average 4 semester credit hours will take anywhere between six to twelve weeks to be completed and you will have to spend a minimum of 12-15 hours a week to keep up with the coursework. Of course, this will mainly depend on the program you sign up for and the institution you choose to do your criminal justice degree from, whether you are a full time student or a part-time one and your own pace of work.

But an online program of a properly accredited college or university will roughly take more or less the same time to complete as a similar degree from a traditional college or university