How long does it take to get a master

Professional and nontraditional students pursuing an online master’s degree typically enroll part time because of a variety of outside responsibilities. However, a number of important factors allow many online students to graduate in the same time it takes those learning on campus.

Term Lengths

Many online university programs provide shorter terms, which can range from five to eight weeks. These shorter terms provide accelerated schedules that allow many part-time students to complete master’s degree requirements online within two years.

Work Experience

Some online programs offer credit reductions to those students who enter school with significant professional experience. These credit reductions can reduce the time it takes to complete an online master’s degree.

Summer Sessions

While most online universities provide courses throughout the year, including during the summer, some state and private universities with online programs don’t. Students attending schools with summer courses can get their graduate degrees in less time.

Competency Learning

Students at some online universities, such as Western Governors University, graduate by demonstrating acquired skills rather than accumulating credit hours. Students with professional experience can graduate quickly from such an online master’s program.

Course Load

Full-time students enrolled in accelerated online programs can complete a degree in half the time it typically takes on-campus students.


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